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CN 201106019
TIN 008-022-911

By Laws




#122 Balagtas St. Lucia Novaliches Quizon City

Sec. No.201106019

Tin. No. 0-08-022-911




       We members and officer, united together in order to established  GUARDIANS INTERNATIONAL REFORMIST BROTHERHOOD INCORPORATED That shall embody our ideals and aspiration, eliminate factional discrimination among fellow brothers, work for the common good so that the greatest member will be benefited most and the only those who use GUARDIANS as another source of living,rather than as brotherhood, with our belief and determination for UNITY,HONOR,FREEDOM,JUSTICE and TRUTH, we hereby ordain and promulgate this constitutions.

Article I

Setion I-The name of the organization shall be Guardians International Reformist Brotherhood Incorporated  G.I.R.B.I.

Section II- The Principal office of the organization shall be in Novaliches Quezon City in the North and Bacoor,Cavite in the South.

Section III- The organization shall be non-stock,non profit civic and non-sectarian organization.

Section IV-The organization as a partner of government in the nation building and in order to help promote the welfare of the nation,adheres to the constitution of the Republic of the Philippines  and other applicable laws of the land.

 Article II

Vision And Objectives


We envisioned G.I.R.B.I. GUARDIANS as good,with high respect to Humanities and Nature,Highly Disciplined and well trained group that values the importance of Honor,Freedom and Justice of every member and shall promote,protect and advance their moral,physical intellectual and social well being.


1. To promote brotherhood among members.

2. To encourage every member to participate to all activities of G.I.R.B.I. such as attending meeting, conferences, bonding, civic action, training markings and other activities of the Organization.

3. To Established the idea of volunteerism and observe ethical and professional standard to its members.

4. To train every member to be more useful in the entire aspect of life.

5. To bolster good relationship to everyone by sharing good ideas and experiences related to the brotherhood.

6. To give protection to every member thru insurance policies.

7. To uplift the lives of every member by giving livelihood trainings and seminar.

8. To extend assistance with in the reach of the organization to all members of G.I.R.B.I.

Article III



1. Those who at the time of adoption of this constitution and by-laws are incumbent members of the legitimate Guardians Brotherhood Factions.

2. Those who are admitted as a member of G.I.R.B.I. in accordance with the GUARDIANS tradition membership produce and by this constitutional by laws.

Section II- Qualification of membership-Any person of good moral character, twenty one years old and above mentally sound and physically fit its eligible for G.I.R.B.I. membership.

Section III-Rights of the member, A member shall have the following right:

1. To vote and voted for.

2. To participate in all deliberations on meeting of the organization.

3. To examine all the account of the books of the organization upon compliance with proper procedure and during regular meeting or on special meeting duly called for the purpose G.I.R.B.I.

4. To have G.I.R.B.I. ID and uniform

5. To have due process in case of internal conflict.

Section IV- Duties and responsibilities of the member:

1. Member shall have the following duties and responsibilities.

2. To attend all meeting upon by the chapter officer or founders or by the national officers.

Article IV


Section I- Ranking of the members-Guardians International Reformist Brotherhood Incorporated members are as follows:

1. Cnf- Charter National Founder: A title given to the highest ranking member of guardians who organized and established a legitimate Guardians faction/branch.

2. Ncf –National Corporate Founder: This ranking is given to all incorporator of a legitimate faction/branch recognized by: GMF Liborio Abraham Jangao.

3. Nf-national Founder: A title given to few and selected member who contributed greatly for the establishment development of the organization.

4. Sgf- Supremo/Suprema: A title given to a member who is an enlisted commission officer of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Philippine National Police, Bureau of Jail and Penology.

5. F-Founder: A title given to a senior member of the organization who have organized at least one local chapter with not less than (50) fifty members.

6. Rmg- Ranking Magic Group/ Rlg- Ranking Lady Guardians for lady: A title given to civilian members who are professional elected of the public officials of the community and retired government employee who have rendered exemplary performance to the organization.

7. Gf-God Father/ Gm-God Mother: A title given to enlisted non-commission officer of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, National Police and Bureau of Jail and Penology with the rank of not lower than sergeant or its equivalent.

8. G-Gold (PNP Member): This rank Conferred upon by chapter Founder to member who are enlisted personnel of the Philippine National Police whose rank are Police Officer 1 to Police Officer 3.

9. A-(Air force Member): This Rank is conferred upon by Chapter Founder to members who are enlisted personnel of the Philippines Air force Whose is from Private to Corporal or equivalent.


10. M-Maroon (Marines Member): This Rank conferred upon by Chapter Founder to member who is enlisted personnel of Philippines Marines whose rank is Private to Corporal.

11.N-Naive (Navy Member): A title given to a member who is enlisted non-commissioned officer of the Philippine navy with the rank lower than sergeant.

12.B-Blue (Army Member): This rank is conferred upon Chapter Founder to member who is enlisted personnel of the Philippine army who rank is from private to corporal.

13.Mg- Magic Group: This rank conferred upon by Chapter Founder to all civilian male members.

14.Lg-Lady Guardians: This rank conferred upon by Chapter Founder to all civilian female members.

15.Honorary- Member are also granted to those individual who are willing to join G.I.R.B.I. but lack of tattoo for some health, religion, employment and personal reason.

Section 2- Markings: All members and officer must undergo marking or tattoo

 As part of traditional membership requirement. The tattoo presents your total commitment to the organization.

GL-Guardians Luzon: as a member from Luzon must be marked GL between the thumb and the point finger of the left hand.

GV-Guardians Visayas: as a member from Visayas must be marked GV between the thumb and the point finger of the left hand.

GM-Guardians Mindanao: as a member from Mindanao must be marked GM between the thumb and the point finger of the left hand.


Between the thumb and the point finger of the right hand must be marked the Identifying rank of the member in the organization.

The word GUARDIANS must be marked at the upper right arm with the year of registration the regional affiliation and the pseudonym with G.I.R.B.I.


Article V

Membership Fees, Dues and Assessments


The membership fee and annual of its member shall be determined by the National Founders in the national meeting duly called for that purpose.


Article VI

Meeting of member


Section 1-   The annual meeting of G.I.R.B.I. members shall be specified by the national president and shall be held in______________at such time and place as the National Founder may determine. The meeting can also be held at the national officer of G.I.R.B.I. or any place that is agreed upon. Is should be the last Sunday of_______________from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. the member shall receive annual report his founder. The national founder shall report to all G.I.R.B.I. the development in his chapter.


Section 2- A quorum of meeting of members shall consist of a majority of the members and majority of such quorum may decide any question at the meeting.


Article VII

Executive Officer


Section 1- Executive Officer of G.I.R.B.I. shall be a President (CNF), a chairman of the board, a President Elect (PNF), 4 Vice President for Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao and International (NF) a secretary (NF) a treasurer (NF) and Executive Director (NF). Officer shall be elected every two years expect for the President and Chairman of the Board.


Section 2- Elected officer shall hold office for two years until election and disqualification of his/her successor or until his death, resignation or removal prior thereto.


Section 3- In case any officer of G.I.R.B.I. except for the President Chairman of the Board becomes vacant as a result of death, retirement or other any case there national founders committee shall qualified (NF) for the vacant position qualification.


Section 4-  the President G.I.R.B.I. shall be the chief executive officer and shall Preside general supervision of the affairs of G.I.R.B.I. and shall perform all duties as may be assigned to him by the incorporators.


Section 5- Chairman of the Board shall pride all the meeting of the Board of Directors.


Section 6- The president-elect may be delegated by the President to perform duties in case of his absence from meeting and he shall assist the president in such ways as he may designate or request.


Section 7- Vice President.  Each President shall have such power and perform such duties as the National Founder committee or incorporator may from time to time prescribe.  In case of the absence or inability of the President – Elect, the Vice President shall excuse the power and discharge duties and responsibilities.


Section 8- The Secretary.  The Secretary shall keep all records of the organization and all have custody of the G.I.R.B.I seal.  He shall attend all the meeting of the board and the membership of G.I.R.B.I and shall make all arrangement for recording the minute of the meeting.


Section 9- The Treasurer.  The Treasurer shall have charge of the fund, receipts and all payments made by the treasurer shall be signed by him countersigned by the President.  The treasurer is subject to control of the executive officer and the National Founder Committee.

Article Vlll

Mutual Benefits and Protection

Section l- Appropriation of funds – The organization fund shall be appropriate as follows:



1. Every founder of the chapter shall be entitled be 10% of the membership fee of every member as a compensation and consideration of the establishment development and supervision of the chapter.

2. Ten percent of membership fee of every member shall form part of Nation Founds.

3. Ten percent membership fee of every member shall form part of Chapter Founds.


Section ll- Membership benefits and protection:

a. We in one year from effectively and approval of the securities and exchange commission of G.I.R.B.I.

b. All members shall be issued National ID with corresponding insurance benefits.

Livelihood Programs:

1. The organization shall have a livelihood training programs for every members.

2. The organization shall give financial assistance thru loan to every member.

3. The screening committee shall conduct screening for every member who applies for loan to be sure if the applicant will pass the requirements for loan.

4. The loan shall have low interest of 3% per annum.


Article IX

Amendment of By Laws

Amendment.  These by laws may be amended or repealed after two years from its effective by the majority National Founders Committee and National Supremo’s Committee at any regular meeting duly call for purpose.